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We are the blue shop near the post office. There is one hour parking next to the 7-Eleven Service Station at 1 Mawson Place. You can also find longer term parking on the Heard Street side of the shopping centre and outside Woolworths Supermarket. There is also short term drop/off pick up parking outside the Post Office.

We look forward to your next visit!

If you are not in the area, please feel free to either write, email or send in the contact form. Note: you have to include a phone number in the contact form so it looks like this: 12,345.6789. If you can't 'convert' you number to that form, just copy and paste this one! We don't really need it as we will email our response within a day or so (a bit longer for letters; sorry about that). If you haven’t heard from us within a week of electronic communication, please try again.

Shop address:

Unit 10, Mawson House
Southlands Shopping Centre
Mawson ACT 2607

Postal address:

PO Box 746,
Mawson, ACT, 2607

Shop opening hours:

Wednesday–Saturday: 10.30 a.m. to 2.30 p.m. 


02 6290 0140 (+ 61 2 6290 0140) 



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